CLP10: Managing The Digital Side of Global Artists, with Kavi Halemane of The Collective (Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots, Plain White T’s)


Hey guys, welcome back. In this week’s episode, I spoke with Kavi Halemane, Executive Vice President of The Collective – the Los Angeles based artist management company behind Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots, Plain White T’s, Godsmack, and more.


In this conversation, Kavi and I discussed his background, The Collective, and some of the details involved in managing the digital side of a global artist like Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots.

We touch on the tools and software Kavi employs, and how The Collective has leveraged creative strategic partnerships with new tech platforms like BitTorrent and Shazam to help promote their artists.

In this episode

  • Kavi’s background, getting started in music and tech at a young age
  • How Kavi got started in the music industry and eventually landed at The Collective
  • Kavi’s role – ideation, execution, and strategy for their clients on the digital side.
  • How Kavi and his team execute high level digital strategy partnerships
  • The importance of data, and how Kavi’s team collects and uses it
  • A Strategic partnership with BitTorrent, and how it helped Linkin Park reach a massive global audience
  • The Linkin Park partnership with Shazam, and how they leveraged Shazam to reach millions of new fans world wide
  • Linkin Park’s collaboration with Open Labs to produce Stage Light – Linkin Park edition (music production software for PCs)
  • How The Collective chooses artists to work with


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- Alan VanToai

  • thirumala raya halemane

    well done. excellent interview. very nice conversation. kavi is the best. i am rooting for kavi, and shilpi, his younger brother, to be future presidents of usa. the country, the people will need their contributions and leadership. please, keep up the good work. our many thanks, praNaams and best wishes.

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