CLP14: How to Teach (and How to Learn) DJing and Music Production, with Alex Maniatis (Owner, Mmmmaven DJ & Production School)


Alex Maniatis is the Owner of Mmmmaven - a music production and DJ school in Boston, and the Managing Director of Together, an electronic music festival (also in Boston).

Alex Maniatis mmmmaven
In this week’s show, we start with Alex’s background, and how he got started in music running a record label called Dopamine Records.

From there, Alex recounts the beginning of Mmmmaven (now just under 2 years old) – how the idea came out of a brainstorming session with partners of the Together Music Festival, and how they went on to raise crowd-funding through an Indie Go Go campaign.

Alex goes on to offer insight into the Mmmmaven classes, what makes the school special, and some of the success stories of students that have come out of Mmmmaven.

Finally, as a huge electronic music and hip-hop fan, I took this opportunity to ask Alex for advice on starting out in DJing and music production. We covered his advice for beginners, the minimum equipment needed, and the importance of learning music theory.


  • Who is Alex Maniatis?
  • Music beginnings
  • Dopamine Records
  • Mmmmaven origins and growth
  • Together Music Festival
  • What kinds of programs does Mmmmaven offer?
  • Success stories
  • Who attends Mmmmaven?
  • Importance of theory and the basics
  • Shows and work ethic
  • Starting out as a DJ (equipment, software, resources, etc.)
  • Starting out as a Producer
  • iPad/Tablet integration
  • Learning independently


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- Alan VanToai

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