CLP7: Creative Marketing Ideas for Bands, with Erik Koral of (Shakira, The Black Eyed Peas, The Disco Biscuits)


Crewlab Podcast Episode 7 is here with this weeks guest Erik Koral, Founder and President of – the LA-based street and digital marketing agency (celebrating their 9 year anniversary this Saturday!)

Erik Koral of FanManager - The Crewlab Podcast

Erik Koral of FanManager

As Jon Eisenberg and I talked about in CLP006, Erik actually gave me one of my first “jobs” in the music industry back in the day. I was a monster fan of an electronic jam-band called The Disco Biscuits, and the only way I could afford to go to all the Disco Biscuits shows I wanted to go to was to street team for them.

The deal was simple – I’d hand out fliers and hang up posters promoting Disco Biscuits tour, and they’d give me tickets to see their shows. The Disco Biscuits were a FanManager client at the time, so Erik and his team were the ones actually managing those street team campaigns.

Over the years, Erik and I became good friends, and I learned a lot and had a blast working for him and his impressive roster of clients through college.

In this chat, Erik and I discussed some creative marketing ideas for bands, including many lessons he’s learned from his years as the go-to marketing guy for an impressive roster of clients in FanManager’s 9 years in business.

Here’s what we got:

In this week’s episode:

  • Erik’s background, and how his early friendship with the band Particle lead to the beginning of FanManager – a marketing agency that specializes in engaging super-fans for entertainment clients.
  • The philosophy Erik uses for incentivizing and rewarding his street team members.
  • Erik’s “29 Day Rule” – what FanManager does with their clients in the 29 days leading up to any major announcement.
  • How FanManager client Infected Mushroom used the 29 Day Rule to support their album release, “The Legend of the Black Shwarma”
  • YouTube – and how a band can leverage videos to go viral.
  • Free Content – some ideas on how a band can leverage giving away free content
  • The best ways to distribute free content as a band.
  • A glimpse into the world of K-Pop through one of Erik’s clients, 2ne1
  • How Erik engaged 2ne1’s American fan base with an engagement contest
  • Creative reward ideas for fan engagement contests


Listening Too

“I’m kind of into old time-y music these days, and I don’t know why, but that’s just been my wheelhouse for the most part. I’ve seen Phish 80 times. I saw Particle 120 times… But the last few years it’s been about the banjos and violins and acoustic guitars”


“I’m reading blogs that focus on technology (Mashable, TechCrunch), the music business (Billboard, Rolling Stone), and business magazines (Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune).”

Find FanManager

Intro Music

  • Deadmau5 – Pets 1 & 2
    • (this was an unfinished track Deadmau5 posted on his “FuckMyLife” SoundCloud account, which seems to have since been completely deleted except for one track)

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Thanks for tuning in guys, and see you next week on the CLP!

- Alan VanToai

  • Erik Koral

    Thanks again Alan for doing this. Really thrilled with how it turned out.
    The bands and businesses mentioned above thank you as well.

    • Alan VanToai

      My pleasure Erik, it was great having you on the show. Thanks for taking the time to share your story bud.

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