CLP5: How to Manage A Marketing Street Team, with Jon Eisenberg of Blackspy Marketing (Umphrey’s McGee, Railroad Earth, Keller Williams, etc.)


The Crewlab Podcast is back with this week’s guest, Jon Eisenberg – the Founder and President of Blackspy Marketing, a street team and social media marketing agency based out of Denver, Colorado. 

Blackspy Marketing - Crewlab Podcast

Jon Eisenberg – Blackspy Marketing

Jon’s epic client roster includes bands like Umphrey’s McGee, Railroad Earth, Keller Williams, Leftover Salmon, and Greensky Bluegrass, festivals including Sonic Bloom and Envision Festival, and a slew of venues and promoters in the Colorado region.

In this weeks episode, we take a deep dive into the social media and street team strategies that Jon employes on behalf of his roster of clients. Here’s what we got:

In this episode

  • What is Blackspy Marketing
  • The marketing strategies Jon employs when marketing for clients such as Keller Williams and Railroad Earth
  • How Jon organizes street teams and online promotions to support his clients nations tours
  • What Jon has his street team members do in different cities
  • How Jon motivates and rewards the Blackspy team members
  • How Jon got started: a tale of hobby turned passion, passion turned profession
  • How internships and other unpaid work helped both Jon and I get started in the music industry
  • Jon’s thoughts on why Blackspy Marketing succeeds
  • The importance of have a “good fit” with clients, and how Jon defines that
  • Blackspy’s approach on database/email marketing, and how Blackspy recruits new team members
  • Which social networks Blackspy doesn’t use for music marketing and promotions
  • How Jon communicates with his street team

Mentioned in this weeks epic CLP

Jon likes to listen too

Jon’s favorite business advice

  • “Choose your words wisely, work with the right people, align Intentions, and take it slow.”

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- Alan VanToai

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