Goals vs. Promises

I’ve been enjoying listening to a bunch of different podcasts outside my normal wheelhouse lately.

Still on business topics, mostly, but on a variety of different ones I haven’t learned as much about in the past – real estate wholesaling & investing, stock market investing, private equity, e-commerce, private labeling, etc…

It’s interesting to learn about the different types of businesses, and really insightful to see where the common themes lay across the different models.

There’s plenty to explore there (plenty of content for future posts…) but today I just felt like quickly sharing an interesting thought from one of the shows – the Invested: Rule #1 Podcast by father/daughter duo Phil and Danielle Town.

This really tickled my brain. Continue reading…

Why we’re building CrewFire.

I always love hearing about why other folks are in business, so I thought it’d be fun to share a quick thought on why we’re building CrewFire.

A couple days ago, I stumbled across this Billboard.com interview with Sebastian Solano, one of the Co-Founders of the Life In Color music festival, after his recent promotion to head of Made Event (Electric Zoo) and ID&T North America (TomorrowWorld, Sensation, etc…)

This quote struck me: Continue reading…

Could Headstash have worked? Thoughts on business fundamentals and leverage.

First – wow.

I’ll be the first to admit – I’m a sucker for Likes.

I’d like to say I’m above it, but the truth is, whenever I post a picture or anything on Facebook or Instagram, you best bet I’m refreshing every few minutes for at least the first hour or so, seeing how that sucker’s doing.

On Instagram, anything over like 25 is a winner. On Facebook, maybe 50 or so and I’m walking with a little more pep in my step.

Ostensibly, I’m an adult. I (should) have other things to worry about. But damn if that little red bubble and that little blue number don’t tickle me.

I’m a sucker for it. What can I say?

The response from this week’s Headstash post though… wow. Continue reading…

What my failure with Headstash.com taught me about business, money, and profit.

Money is to a business like oxygen is to our bodies.

Everything else can be going right: you could be in amazing shape, drink plenty of water, eat nutritional food, the total package.

But take oxygen away from the equation, and nothing else matters. You’re done for.

It sounds like an obvious enough concept to grasp, right? Who wouldn’t understand that?

But it took me a hard failure to really drive home this message. Continue reading…